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  • Artist Info: Well if you didnt already know meghan has switched to my mule account if you want to add her its wikkid_lover420, and im using this as my mule so im not going to be on this that much. So lets start the about me stuff(:<br />
    <br />
    Well my name is natalie i go by as nat riot or natty gore(:<br />
    I am 16 years young and going to be 17 on 8/27(:<br />
    Nat_Riot123 is my gaia.<br />
    The things i cant live with is my...music(ipod), eyeliner and the rest of my make up, dyeing my hair, monsters, hair straightener, star bucks coffee, camera. XD<br />
    I love photography its one of my passions and same with editing pictures as well. I can be very random and weird sometimes but if your really stupid i wont talk to you probably..To most people they know me as a scene kid and a juggalette(: So whoop whoop to the family on here! I have some pretty hot ass friends and they are amazing i just love them to death i would never let anything happen to them. Umm hello kitty and gir and gloomy bear is the shit :] Music is my drug&lt;3 There is so much i could tell you people in here but i dont want to make this long so just pm me or comment me(:
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