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  • Artist Info: ok update time. HI everyone long time no see. Lets see in the past year I have finshed High School, got my own Apt, got a job.. (Im a maid) and then Its off to college in the fall. So talk about a buzy year dont you think. Oh yes I am now 18 going on 19 in like two wonderful months. Oh did I tell you that I moved back to alaska! Well I did and right now the temp. is a nice 17 above. lol<br />
    So please tell me what you have been doing and fill free to call me insane for moving back here. <br />
    Its nice though, cuz I can walk everywhere. You see I was living in hicks ville....Ok its not called that but thats what it felt like. I lived in Missouri..for what three years. And before that it was Alaska then CA..Then navada...And so forth. So I havent been in one place very long...Oh yes on more thing before I bore you all to death...I was almost in the militay...What you think of that! It would have been the Marienes...Or how ever you spell it...I know crazy...<br />
    Just like to say think you! *Gives bow*
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