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  • Artist Info: Age: 14<br />
    Name: Alexa<br />
    Race: Chinese<br />
    Height: 5ft. 3in.<br />
    Weight: 103<br />
    Relationship Status: Taken (my sweetheart is next to my avi)<br />
    How I am: Cute (?), Fun (?), Interesting (?), Nice (when I'm not pissed)<br />
    Don't make me mad cause when I pissed off, like really, really, really mad I'm gonna be yelling at you. Other than that I guess I'm pretty nice.<br />
    <br />
    I'm straight, and i am a girl (for real!) so yea i like guys! I'm not les or bi.............so don't even ask if ur a girl or i will report u......lol jk.....but seriously. I'm straight.<br />
    i love Taylor Swift, her music is awesome!!!!!! and i like chemicals react by aly and a.j... and sweet tangerine by the hush sound!!! and Friday night by the click five....every time we touch by cascada, Ryan Cabera's music, like i will remember you, and a bunch of other songs.....so yea. i don't really like fall out boys, they suck just a little....(I'm pretty critical of music)<br />
    I'm usually on zomg at about the same time everyday........if u see me (I'm usually in otami or the beach) then feel free to send me a shout and ill usually help u out with whatever u need!
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