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  • Artist Info: I like to help people with problems going on through there life, I try to donate to friends when they need it. However, this does NOT mean that I join with friends just because they want a donation. I expect to talk to my friends at least once every two days and know at least part of them. This is the way friends should be (if they're off for about 1 week straight and then come on for one day and ask for donations, then of course I would say no.<br />
    I watch Anime in my free time (Wolf's Rain, Death Note, etc.) and like to read mystery/fantasy books (Eragon, Eldest, Found Surviving Antarctica 2083 Reality T.V.) <br />
    I was born December 24th (Yes on Christmas Eve.) Live in Florida. Urban area but yes. I'm in honors everything. So sorry if I use some words that you don't understand. I'll explain if you don't smile <br />
    So yeah, I live in a family of five (of course mother and father, older and younger sister, and I'm only boy) While both annoy me like hell, they can be extremely helpful in times smile I'm 5 foot 2, kinda big for my age but I live with it. (Perhaps a part of my chromosome ((controls growth)) broke, causing me to grow faster than normal.)<br />
    I would like to thank the people who bought my items in marketplace for me to achieve my current avatar.
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