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  • Artist Info: bet u wolud like 2 no a little bit about me.. i mean y wouldnt u, ur on my profile!! ok well...my name is hannah and i hate my name, i love anything camo, i love to go mud riding wit my friends, and i love swimming, im a gymnist, and im not the best speller out there,im in the band at my school, yea i no its weird.. i play trumpet,and a little bit of gutair (its a fender), i love to hang out with my friends when ever i get the chance. we randomly yell out random stuff and random people all the time.and i like the word random.bet u didnt no that.i love supermac18 and if u dont no who that is go look him up on youtube. i love to draw and im pretty good at it 2.i have soo many inside jokes with my friends that i forgot most of them.people say i have anger problems when i dont.(only cause i tend 2 punch things when i get mad)i hav a HUGE obsession with ed hardy.i used to do alot of skatebording but not any more i just dont have the time. i hate cheerleaders and other preepy people they get on my nerves. i love animals and im the middle child in my family i have an older sister and a younger brother. (there dorks) and i think thats all u need 2 no about me <br />
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