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  • Artist Info: Yerrr <br />
    its da kid King Black my closer friendz kall me J-EAZY lol<br />
    Short hair do care wavez spinnin cash got me grinnin<br />
    6"1 165 75% muscle lol<br />
    African American<br />
    umm all i do is get money all day smoke da kush and pour honey on yay lol<br />
    na<br />
    In bumass highskool 4 now smh<br />
    I rap i sing play ball<br />
    Basketball Football <br />
    Blackbelt in Muay thai(Krav Maga 4th dan) and Taekwondo ( i was a poom until i turned 16 smh lol)<br />
    So that meanz dont fukk with me or i'll break a few body partz!!! lol<br />
    but im aktually a nice person if u kno me<br />
    Holla at ya boii<br />
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