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  • Artist Info: <br />
    Name: Dianelys Ramos<br />
    Nickname: Diana<br />
    Age:15<br />
    B-Day: May 27<br />
    Colors: Red, Black, and Blue<br />
    Personality: Multi mood and bipolar.<br />
    Likes: Drawing, Computing, Singing, and Dancing.<br />
    Dislikes: Inside the House, Homework, Ms. I'm so popular, and dad.<br />
    Food: Sushi<br />
    D.Food: Liver *bleh*<br />
    Height: 5'6" ft.<br />
    Weight: Not telling<br />
    Real: Dating<br />
    Gaia: Not Dating<br />
    Heredity: Japanese, Cuban, Indian, and Italian.<br />
    Speak: Spanish and English.<br />
    F.Number: 27<br />
    F.Season: Fall and Winter<br />
    L2.Visit: Tokyo, Japan<br />
    BFF: My friend Tessa and Catsie.<br />
    Music: Rock, Heavy Metal, and Screamo.<br />
    Show: Any kind of anime!!!XD<br />
    Gaming: Game Freak.<br />
    Owns: PS2, Gamecube, Nintendo DS, and Gameboy SP Advanced<br />
    PS2: Soul Calibur, Star Ocean, FFXII, FFX,FFX-2, Onimusha, Dark Cloud 2, Wild Arms 4, Shadow Hearts, Devil May Cry, and Disgaea.<br />
    GameCube: Pokemon Colissium, Harvest Moon, Naruto, Digimon World 4, and Spyro.<br />
    DS: Final Fantasy III, Final FantasyIV, Digimon World Dusk, Nintendogs, Pokemon Pearl, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, and Spectrobes<br />
    GBA: Pokemon Game[All] and Harvest Moon.<br />
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