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    Im ONi Awesome A.K.A. Cosplay Queen <br />
    Behind the cosplay im actually a girl (my gaia character is a girl too) named Onica (ONi). Im obbsessed with anime (hence the cosplay), and even though I seem young, well im not necesarily mature... but more mature then most kids my age. I can have a dirty mouth but I try not to offend (unless its funny) but im actually a nice person. I don't particularily like to be annoying. I like to call myself ninja... but im definatley not ninja . I am a couch potato who sits online all day pretending to have a life. Some of my favorite animes are Death Note (obviously) Hellsing, Fruits Basket, and Full Metal Alchamist. There are quite a few more but I wont bore you with that. If you want to talk to me just sent me a PM or leave me a comment on my profile. Don't be shy I really don't mind smile . I also except invites to guilds and all that crap... but I might be slow to respond (I also except gifts wink ). So thats all about me!
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