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        I want to start out by saying that I am a guy.<br />
        My name in Max.<br />
        My birthday is 12/01.<br />
        California born and raised.<br />
        I am a Sophomore in high school.<br />
        I am Agnostic.<br />
        I am a tumblr-boy. <br />
        I like TV (Glee, Big Brother, The New Normal).<br />
        I like music (Alabama Shakes, Mumford & Sons, Fun.).<br />
        I like video games (Pokemon, Just Dance, SSBB).<br />
        I like to cook.<br />
        I like to travel.<br />
        I enjoy sleeping, going on Gaia, and coordinating outfits.<br />
        Vintage is my middle name.<br />
        Starbucks is my first love. <br />
        The bestie: Sebikaku.<br />
        School is my current life. yaaaaaaaaaay...no<br />
        California Polytechnic University is the dream.<br />
        Computer Engineering/Science is the goal.<br />
        Keepin' it classy and sassy.
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