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    "short cute stout and small<br />
    they use to call me when i was small<br />
    smart LAZY cool and tall<br />
    does that really describe me at all???<br />
    study library exam hall<br />
    do i love them? NOT AT ALL!!<br />
    stealing betrayers back stabbers<br />
    i"ll treat them all with my own manners<br />
    friendship joy happiness and others<br />
    as long as u are good to me it really doesn't matters<br />
    chemistry-matters biology-bladders?<br />
    i hate history full of letters!!!<br />
    english-easy physic-density<br />
    foreign language T__T eee...i always get C!!!<br />
    i wasted my life on the internet<br />
    well, as long as i'm happy so no regret<br />
    my sisters are noisy and also spoiled brats =)<br />
    but they're sweet and lovely (love them) *bleekk*<br />
    frens family and also internet<br />
    this is my life and i won't forget ^^ <br />
    like my rhythm? i'm more than that!"<br />
    -Quoted it! Written by my handsome fellow college-mate *LOL* credits goes to him-<br />
    Copyright 1992-2010 Jarrold.Inc All rights reserved
    <br />
    <br />
    What you see on my profile is what I enjoy and love most.
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