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    hey im Daichi and i LOVE ONE PIECE my fav character is Zoro Roranoa &lt;3 i love him so much he's just so awsome!!!!!!! i cant even contain my happyness. zoro is my idle and i want to be just like him one day<br />
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    Daichi wandered the country looking for the one dojo that would change his life. he was looking for the infamous Roranoa Zoro. Daihi wanted to train under Zoro and become the best swordsman ever!!. Daichi was known around all the Royales he battled in and he eventualy ganied fame and honor. he never lost a battle but he needed to get stronger before he entered the Grand Line. Daichi carried 3 of the most legendary swords in the world they were his ultimate weapons other then his devil fruit power which was to send razor shape winds in a space that could tear through even steel. he finaly found the dojo and opened the doors, at that moment his life changed and his training began.
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