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    cat_biggrin White Tiger cat_ninja
    <br />
    my love is thee with a heart of gold<br />
    fierce fangs, broad body, soft ears, and huge paws<br />
    warm fur that frees my soul<br />
    filling my mind with sweet dreams<br />
    a growl that protects me from any predator<br />
    cant imagine a better protector and company<br />
    black and white stripes<br />
    cobalt blue eyes that burn with each glare<br />
    taking my breath away with every stare<br />
    cant live without my tiger<br />
    my furry partner<br />
    free as the wind<br />
    making me blush as he steps into my room<br />
    doing what he can to please me<br />
    gifting me with a warm smile<br />
    and an embrace that fills me<br />
    silent and slow purr<br />
    so irresistible to ignore <br />
    whenever i read to him, i know he's listening<br />
    his love for poetry and sweets<br />
    which will be topped by peaches and cream<br />
    for that is the scent that i bare<br />
    which he loves deeply and sincerely <br />
    loyal to me in every way<br />
    half man, half tiger<br />
    both sides loving and caring<br />
    My Lovely Prince<br />
    <br />
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