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  • Artist Info: Fave song- Sweet sacrifice, Everybody's fool, and anything else by Evanescence<br />
    Fave band- Evanescence, Skillet<br />
    Fave singer- Amy lee, Usher, Akon, and anything else like that razz <br />
    Fave food- Anything thats not too sweet<br />
    Fave veggie- SPINICH, DUH!!!!! biggrin <br />
    fave fruit- LEMON, YUMMY biggrin <br />
    fave rapp singer- Anyone....<br />
    Have you ever lied- Yea... Maybe... NO IM NOT A LIER! biggrin <br />
    Fave show- Well... Thats tough... Anything thats not boring... <br />
    Fave music- Anything that is not old timey country, or gospel. Everything else is cool by me.<br />
    Fave person/people-Anyone who is not mean to me Dx<br />
    Fave food- well, depends on what i want. But i will eat almost anything xD<br />
    Name- Abby, Pankake, Random Chik, or Hey, because people tend to call me that Dx<br />
    Age- 12, but im still getting older, at least i think so...<br />
    Height-5"8, im tall for my age, from what i think<br />
    Weight- No, youll call me fatt sad ... Alright, im 156lbs...<br />
    Temperature- Well, idk, WHY DO YOU WANT TO KNOW Dx...<br />
    Blood type- Uhhh.... A blood type i think?<br />
    Gender- Girl... Why?<br />
    Male or female- Hey, wtf, i just like nswered this....<br />
    Style- Anything pretty biggrin <br />
    Makeup- Sometimes... I guess Dx<br />
    Color of hair- Black, At least i think so<br />
    Habits- Abbriveating every single word<br />
    Color of eyes- Brown, or reddish broaw, deppending on light xD<br />
    Fave animal- Back into the faves, huh?! Well, tiger or wolf<br />
    Fave site- Deffinately gaia<br />
    Hobbies- Basketball, Volleyball, Story, poem, letter, ect. writing<br />
    Can you draw- Yeah... A little...<br />
    Girly girl or tomboy- Both, a tom girl<br />
    Friendly- Sometimes<br />
    Many friends- Not like in real life. But yes, on gaia.<br />
    Funny- Sometimes... No, not really<br />
    Self esteem level- Very, VERY low....<br />
    <br />
    This idea came from my bff, Brit biggrin <br />
    Ps: if you do not agree with something i have said, please say so. Pm me, email me, post a comment... Also do this if you think i should add something...<br />
    <br />
    well, pic of me, i know im ugly-<br />
    User Image<br />
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    User Image<br />
    User Image<br />
    A lil sumin sumin i drew-<br />
    User Image<br />
    <br />
    Alright homies, im done with this crap razz .... You should know enough about me... Okie dokie, yes im single...... But i dont want any freaks in my life 0.0...<br />
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