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  • Artist Info: Okay so who am i?<br />
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    My name is Luke James Hollis and i live in Ontario, Canada. I am currently 17 years old and my birthday is on sept. 2. I live a rather...complicated life. I tend to be a bit of a screw up, but who isnt right? I'm just more than average. I live with my step dad and mom and brother. I depend most of my life on my girlfriend. She helps me through almost every sinle problem in my life. Its almost like everyday is yet another crsis for her to help with. I love her dearly as she loves me. I hope to one day live with her and finally give back to all she has done with me. My hobbies would have to be...Airplanes, althought don't know too much about them they still facinate me. I used to also be in Air Cadets but left my squadron with a graduation certificate after five years. I am also interested in law enforcement and business. I hope to one day take over my family business while being a police officer. I love a lot of different kinds of music especially hip hop, SOME scremo and hard rock and some techno. I love watching movies and just chatting up with my girlfriend and friends. I am not a very educated person yet I am in grade 12(last year of secondary school). My marks have been slightly passing - the 60's mark. Iam hoping to get into college this year. A lot of my learning actually did come from my girlfriend yet again and it was mostly with spelling, if i had a problem...she would help fix it no matter what. I currently have a few life goals set out for me which are: obtaining a car within the next year, get into college, obtain a police officer position, have my lovely girlfriend move in with me, own a business to support my family, myself and my girlfriend, and last but definatly not least...live a peaceful life and gain a peaceful and painless death. I did have my phase of being sort of as you say "emo" but once again thanks to my girlfriend i managed to take all that "emoness" out of me and started to be a bit of a happier person in general. If theres anything else i may have missed that you wanna know...well just message me i guess, but no personal business please! smile <br />
    <br />
    P.S...uhm yes...i am a male o 3o<br />
    <br />
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