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  • Artist Info: Hello all,<br />
    I am squeaky_wheel. Thus called because i often make my voice very chrill when surprised. also, i can hit EXTREMELY high notes. Say hello to soprano. smile i enjoy singing so much i hope to major in Voice when i go to collage. Music is my passion. I enjoy listing to many types of genres, so please, do not ask my favorite. smile although, i'd probably lean to rock. I enjoy reading. It's a lovely way to develop one's mind. I write. Two stories are in my collection now and i'm working on my third. I enjoy acting and have been in two musicals and now am just getting started on my third. i also busy myself with sewing. My biggest accomplishments of late have been two ballgowns which my sister and i where falttered to wear at a new years eve ball. On that note, i must add i love ballroom dancing. <br />
    Yours truly,<br />
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