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  • Artist Info: www.myspace.com/kajikillian_zephon<br />
    Hey! I'm Killi, I'm 18, and I'm ready to get the hell up outta this flea-bitten city! lolz<br />
    Ok, yeah, seriously though; I'm an artist and a writer. I LOVE anime and manga and the Asian culture. I'm a firm believer that music and art go hand-in-hand and can revolutionize the world if we let it. I have no talent for it but music is my world, I'd die if i didn't have it, or at least go insane. I listen almost everything: rock (ESPECIALLY hard rock and metal) jrock, jhip-hop, khip-hip, some american hip-hop(few and far btween. Imagine being black and in a hood-rat school and cringing at the 'music' everyone else is poorly mimicking), rock-opera, teeny bit of country. I read supernatural romance, vampires, shifters, magic, the works. <br />
    I'm a chick in real life, yes, my avi is the correct gender. Oh, and I'm Pansexual, quite different from bi. I like u for u sweetheart but i do have a bit of a criteria.<br />
    My perception of beauty and 'twisted' sense of the world WILL NOT CHANGE. I'm random for a reason.<br />
    My mentality and my personality are labyrinths that are difficult for some people to navigate and its impossible to really pinpoint myself with few words. The people in my life, who are open-minded enough to finish my sentences and help me pick out wants and necessities, are my clan and I'm bearish in protecting mine.<br />
    X3 i talk too much.lolz. hit me upif you wanna chat!
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