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    ✗.Liebe Ist Krieg.☪<br />
    ⒶⓡⓞⒸⓗⓘⓔ<br />
    I am an Asexual Androgyny Schizophrenic Sadist. <br />
    Hates you, Hates everyone else even friends at times.<br />
    My eyes are Blue-Grey my hair is dark Dirty Blonde my skin is Pale. Alright?<br />
    My true feelings are long shadowed and my affection is dryer than dust.<br />
    When people ask stupid questions i shall answer with sarcastic answers.<br />
    I hate and like so many things they change by the billions.<br />
    I will insult, disturb, hate, manipulate, protect, like, lie to and never trust. You. <br />
    From late April til mid September don't expect to see me online.<br />
    I often draw things on paper and then put them on the computer in my free time.<br />
    GS, WT, LP, LC, 3DG, BB, TOAD, EVNSC, BFMV, SK, ST, SD, NB, MT.<br />
    Halo1,2,3, Elder Scrolls Series, Deadspace1,2. Assassin's Creed, Gears Of War.<br />
    Elm Street, Crystal Lake, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Hellraiser.<br />
    &lt;3<br />
    <br />
    Taking over what you call cruelty and changing it viciously<br />
    Bret, My Sadist and Chris, My Son.
    <br />
    I am a fucking hypocrite. I am sarcastic. I am neglectful. I am bossy.<br />
    I am a cluster bomb of mental relapse and pain pills with a glass of period blood and alien limbs<br />
    Cut throating is a personal business that makes me smile with cracked craziness<br />
    <br />
    ✗.Love Is War. ☪
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