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  • Artist Info: Meh name is amanda me maties biggrin <br />
    my favourite fruit is... strawberry!! strawberry awsome!! xDD<br />
    i have a pet bunny named doodles, so therefor my favourite animal is the rabbit species. ( and the unicorn ;D) I live in ontario toronto. personally i think canada rules!! XDD GO MAPLE LEAVES! which comes to my next topic. my favourite sports are.. laying on the couch jks jks they are... hockey, soccer, tennis, badminton, and juggling!! &lt;-------- even though i can't juggle and if it even is a sport. XD. anywayss... &lt;.&lt; excuse my rudeness XDD i am currently 17. so i'm pretty old i guess.... but i still love to watch bleach. don't knock it till u tried it!! seroisly WATCH BLEACHH XDD!! anywayss... &lt;.&lt; glares at self if possible... i enjoy watching dora!! XDD nah... but i enjoy chatting wit friend doing that kind of stuff tag HIDE N SEEK. and i am a hugee christian so i'm pretty inoccent LOVE GOD!!<br />
    BAII~~<br />
    <br />
    plz pm me or leave a comment after the beep... BEEEEPPPP.
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