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    <br />
    <br />
    You probably wanting to know my name huh? <br />
    Well I'm Jaynie but you can call me Janis. <br />
    I am very likeable. I can be a friend if you need one [: <br />
    Dannae Elizabeth Perry (Nevaeh_Marie12) is my Best friend. <br />
    I could never live without her. I would die for her. Rawr[: <br />
    I less then three someone and I swear I will marry him someday&lt;3 <br />
    I am from Poznan, Poland. It is a beautiful place just like Northern Michigan[: <br />
    If you knew me, you would know I love to sing...A LOT. ♪♫♪<br />
    Serenade is my life...I love being a soprano[: <br />
    I really love hitting those high notes[: <br />
    I love to be different[:<br />
    I can speak 4 languages; English, Polish, Spanish and Japanese[:<br />
    I use '[:' as my '.'<br />
    I've been down a dark path. I'm sure we all have or will. <br />
    I regret a lot of things but I thankfully I am not in the past anymore, I'm in the present[: <br />
    I have three piercings; one on each ear lob and my monroe--wanting a fourth-my tounge[: <br />
    I do not like holding grudges. <br />
    I have a pain in the butt brother named Josh who I fight with constantly but I love him with all my heart[: <br />
    I have three sisters Courtney, Kristen and Emily who I love dearly and never fight with suprisingly[: <br />
    Chevy vehicles all the way baybay!BUT btw, I fear the Highway O.o <br />
    I love the Spring because its not Winter and it's tennis&softball time holla!<br />
    My perfect day is Dark stormy looking skies after a down pour with sunshine breaking threw and wind and 75 degree temp[: <br />
    As you can see according to how long this 'About me' is that I really really love to express myself& love to write[: <br />
    I am trying not to swear so much. It gets annoying if you really open your ears. <br />
    So I request for you to try to not swear around me please and thank you. I will love you for it[: <br />
    Class of 2O12! H0lla Shizzle![: <br />
    Oh last but not least God is my number one, always will be my number one[: <br />
    <br />
    Get to know me, I will add you on Facebook. Got MSN/AIM, just ask for it! <br />
    &lt;3 Moi<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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    <br />
    My Dream Avi ^^ *Sigh*...
    <br />
    <br />
    Item List:<br />
    GO Phones<br />
    Dander<br />
    Reve Rouille 5th Gen.<br />
    Lucky the Cat<br />
    Black Raggedy Doll Striped Stockings<br />
    Dreamer's Dust<br />
    Jenny's Secretive A-line Dress
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