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  • Artist Info: "I'm insane, what more do you want from me."<br />
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    I'm a poet of sorts and some day hope to become a successful writer. I'm already in work of my own book. Use the link at the top of my profile to go to my most recent poetry that I've uploaded. Everytime I come up with something new, or find something I've writen long ago, i'll upload it to Gaia for other poets to read and vote on as they wish. If I don't believe the poem/story diserves comments or votes, I'll put it into my journal, where you can still read it.<br />
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    A small joke to enjoy: "The Anonymus Dyslexic Insomniac Procrastinating Atheits were scheduled to have a meeting at night to discuss if there truely was a 'dog.' However they had no idea who was suppose to show up, so they put it off till next week."<br />
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    I don't get on Gaia much other than to maybe post a new piece of literature that I've written. I'm more focused on Friends and School than ever, and honestly High School has me busy enough for both.
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