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    It's been almost a decade since I ever spent more than 5 seconds of thought on Gaia Online, but I've come to a recent conclusion. Gaia was where I met a lot of great people who did a lot to help me mature as a person, and while I wasn't exactly truthful with who I presented myself as that doesn't detract from the genuine feelings of friendship I found here. I'm sure all my friends are gone now through and that they've moved on with their lives like I have, but for some sense of catharsis I think it's about time I make a profile that more closely expresses who I am.<br />
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    I go by SouthwindRivers online now, and funnily enough that name is closer to my real name than "Dave Darkness" or "Cloud of Darkness" ever was. Writing is a genuine passion of mine that I've done my best to follow over the years, it's been the best way I have of expressing ideas and it's almost like therapy for me. I do like anime, but at this point I don't watch that much anymore besides older series that I haven't had a chance to watch yet. I do also read manga, and my favorite manga is Berserk. You could have probably guessed that by the new background art I'm using if you're familiar with the series. I'm turning 19 this year, and have just gotten out of high school. For those of you who DID know me back in the day when I regularly used Gaia that blows a whole lot of holes in the things I would say about myself back in the day, but I'm sure with how immature I acted and how janky my typing could be I'm sure that's not a gigantic surprise. I was a terrible liar. Looking back at my old posts on the forums and even old pms, I really am hesitant to call what I did roleplay because of how just...bad...it was but I will say that roleplay is still something I do actually on different platforms in video games, but that's a hobby that's sort of dying for me at this point.
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