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  • Artist Info: User Image<br />
    ♥<br />
    only in America xD ;; Do the banks leave both doors open && then chain their pens to the counter xDD<br />
    American = Fail : D ILY MY COUNTRY XDD<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Random stuff to know bout' meh;;♥<br />
    Honestly, I write “lol” and I’m not Even Laughing<br />
    I always peek out of my 3-D glasses, just to see the difference.<br />
    I'm scared to stare at people straight in the eye unless<br />
    I know them pretty well...even then if im getting introuble ill be scared<br />
    I don't believe in sports mostly baseball,football and basketball;;<br />
    their all fake to me cuz most people in the world<br />
    ask me if i saw the game and im like...ehh nu?<br />
    I like popping my own pimples and watching all that<br />
    puss come out;;♥<br />
    I bite my nails;;♥<br />
    I try to be who I am but am to embarrassed to.<br />
    Honestly, farting feels great! : D<br />
    I'm young;; age 12 going on 13 this year;;<br />
    Dec. 11,2010<br />
    I hate annoying people, but I luv being annoying [:<br />
    I'm fattish I dun like showing people how fat I am<br />
    so i shield it off with a sweater everyday or holding<br />
    my shirt over my knees<br />
    I am proud to be me...♥<br />
    WEIRED FACT ABOUT MEEE:::♥♥♥<br />
    I hate boobs;; I hate bra's;; and im sure every chick will agree<br />
    with me;; I hate PERIODS. unless your like some emo chick<br />
    that likes watching blood and stuff and luv those evil cramps... xd <br />
    I hate both guys and girls who go "ILL" every time something <br />
    in their life looks gross...<br />
    IluffPen0r. Course I do I'm not entirely G4Y<br />
    sure I think Im bi;; im not really sure ;;~;;<br />
    I like girls i guess but i prefer my guys : D<br />
    I have dated about 6 guys;;<br />
    currently single;; gaia luv goes to Lizzy Hhe <3<br />
    I luv reading like seriously.<br />
    I have lots of best friends in real life...<br />
    but not currently with them;; different schools duh.<br />
    I am a cheap little 6th grader;; I have a child named Dallas<br />
    A CHILD JENNY??? A CHILD YOUR ONLY 12!!! Yeah I know<br />
    I had s3x with lizzy hhe;; how adorable<br />
    well... i didnt exactly have the baby..lizzy did ^^<br />
    PM me;;<br />
    become my friend buy from me<br />
    lluff me? : D<br />
    i forgot to say;; call me Jenny;; thats my name;;<br />
    You'll never forget me cuz my username says it all;;<br />
    I have an old account. [:<br />
    ToxicJenny<br />
    just add a y to the end and you'll find me<br />
    I seriously love all my friends;; they mean the world to me<br />
    including my family, never forget my family,<br />
    I must tell you about my family :] ;;♥<br />
    I have the greatest family ever!!!♥<br />
    I luv them as much as I luv living [100%!!!]<br />
    They are my happiness. I would die without them.<br />
    My mom is crazy silly cranky sometimes mean when suppose to be<br />
    and she hates hugs;;why?cuz i give them to her to often. 100x a day [:<br />
    My dad is same as mom but kind of more weired...<br />
    although i believe he wants me to be like him one day.<br />
    Why? cuz im the son he has never had. Cuz im a girl.<br />
    He wanted me to be the son he would recieve when i was born<br />
    but i let him down;; either way I luff him a lot.<br />
    I am a tomboy but he wants me to be a girl. too bad;;♥<br />
    he braught me up to seeing the computer world<br />
    in which i luff now :]<br />
    My sister is pretty awesome; crazy; fat; weired; like me : D<br />
    She has my back most of the time...<br />
    we have lots of fun together ^^<br />
    she farts a lot xd i have to put up with it at night<br />
    ....the farting runs in the family i think;;♥<br />
    I suck at the mile i believe i run it in like<br />
    11:00-12:30 D;<br />
    I one day wish to beat my goal of getting in the 10's i wouldnt<br />
    care even if it was like 10:59<br />
    I still would be in the 10's and thats what counts<br />
    Okay Im pretty much done [:<br />
    Ask if you want to know more~♥<br />
    [[currently looking for a boyfriend on gaia :XP:<br />
    cheap i know xD but yeahh...please treat me right<br />
    dun treat me wrong;; i must know you to trust you ;] ]]<br />
    <br />
    OH MY GOSH!!! Hello :]] Wow i used pink ^^<br />
    Anyways Hello I'm ToxicJenny, but chu can call<br />
    meh Jenny : D !!!!<br />
    I have some of my favorite stuff down below :]]<br />
    You are free to stalk mehh!!! [[Gifts are appreciated]]<br />
    Okay Dokay <.< PLEASE DO NOT ADD ME unless... >_><br />
    You of course get to know know meh and stuff : D<br />
    ^^ Here is my most dangerous Rule!!!: [[Rawr. :]] ]]<br />
    Never ever never ever , ... ever!!! Mess with my friends >:0<br />
    Cuz their mine and not yours, I keep them in my closet <br />
    and feed them when wanted. :]] BUT IF YOU DARE TO <br />
    try to ever change their ways of life, try to make them retarted<br />
    [[which you shouldn't do cuz their already like them *cough cough* sweatdrop ]]<br />
    and yeah dun mess with them cuz this is what i'll do to chu:<br />
    i'll rip of your pen0s, tape it to my ear, <br />
    and wait three days. Three days later, i'll put it in a blender, <br />
    blend it up, putt it in a glass, <br />
    tape you to a chair, and make you watch me drink it.,<br />
    Not kidding. :]]<br />
    Kay? And dont go off acting poptrarted about it that chu dun have a pen0r...<br />
    Cuz everyone does even meh :]]<br />
    you can't see it cuz it has powers to be invisible..<br />
    Chu want proof? >:0<br />
    Ill give chu proof, I have a wife on gaia that i did it with [[name:<br />
    Lizzy Hhe]] Although we where having a 3 sum >: D who's jealous now :]]<br />
    User Image<br />
    >: D
    <br />
    <br />
    Fav. Movies-<br />
    Ponyo :3 and Spirited Away<br />
    User Image<br />
    User Image<br />
    Fav. Shows-<br />
    Babar :3 ! ! ! ^^ <br />
    User Image<br />
    Theodore Tugboat!!! Duhh xD [[[He's Real Bishes ;D ]]]<br />
    User Image<br />
    Fav. Books ;D -<br />
    The Thief Lord<br />
    User Image<br />
    Dead is the New Black [book 1 :3]<br />
    User Image<br />
    Dead is a State of Mind [book 2 ;D]<br />
    User Image<br />
    Dead is so Last Year [book 3 :0 ]<br />
    User Image<br />
    Fav. Songs :0!!! -<br />
    Fire Flies - Owl City ;D<br />
    User Image<br />
    User Image<br />
    My InterestsHobbies xp <br />
    Being A computer Whore xD <br />
    User Image<br />
    Gee that search almost made me get banned from photobucket xD lmao<br />
    --------------------------------------------------------<br />
    rawr. heart <br />
    http://www.youtube.com/v/Hhn9vdHgIHk<br />
    ______________________________________<br />
    This is the art I have received bought ...gosh people hate me xD<br />
    They Rarely let me buy from them :3 ~♥<br />
    User Image<br />
    Made by one of my possibly perverted friends, Alice ( GakuenAlicerox )She has a shop with my other friend ^^ Lena (Omg I forgot her name :0!!! )<br />
    User Image<br />
    I believe Gruel Made it? :0 though HE doesnt have a shop.<br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    User Image<br />
    :3 Help me Pleasee <33<br />
    COMPLETED, Nobody helped "/ but i did it on my own :3<br />
    _____________________________<br />
    User Image<br />
    ^^ heart <br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    <br />
    User Image<br />
    (: ♥<br />
    <br />
    Jack and Jill went up the hill <br />
    to get some marujuana <br />
    Jack got high and dropped his fly <br />
    and said "do you wanna?" <br />
    <br />
    Jill said yes and dropped her dress <br />
    and then they had some fun <br />
    But silly jill forgot her pill <br />
    and now they have a son!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    O 3O<br />
    HELP ME!!! <3<br />
    User Image<br />
    <br />
    What I Need scream <br />
    Elegant Veil<br />
    258,420 Gold<br />
    Wind Security Blanket<br />
    706,334 Gold<br />
    Striped Rocker Tie<br />
    1,500 Gold<br />
    = 966,254gold<br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    Dream Avi. Worth:<br />
    1,106,899 Gold♥<br />
    <br />
    ^^ This I gonna be my hardest :0<br />
    <br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    These here are FRIEND QUESTS:<br />
    Tech. meaning that i only change how much<br />
    I have in there when someone gives me some<br />
    gold for the quest :]]<br />
    User Image<br />
    Help, this is my biggest quest ever :]]<br />
    User Image<br />
    2nd BIGGEST O 3O<br />
    Help Me?
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