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  • Artist Info: OK well my name is Krystle my nickname or commonly used name is kitty.. <br />
    <br />
    i am a hopeless romantic, flirty, kinda messy, <br />
    outgoing, open, self revealing, ambivalent about chaos,<br />
    unpredictable, not good at saving money,<br />
    social, like large parties, like to stand out, risk taker<br />
    , quick to make friends, don't like to be alone, <br />
    rash, fame seeking, sarcastic, craves attention,<br />
    social chameleon, low self control, food lover, <br />
    not rule conscious, weird, assertive, <br />
    not a perfectionist, anti-authority, thrill seeker, <br />
    vain, likes to fit in, reckless, emotionally sensitive,<br />
    leisurely and trusting
    <br />
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