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    -Don't take shit from no one<br />
    -Love myself for being me<br />
    -Hate posers and fakers<br />
    -Want illiterate noobs to speak correctly, unless they are foreign<br />
    -Have a bitchy attitude. So what!<br />
    -Love Avril Lavigne <br />
    -Listen to punk, rock, hip hop, and metal<br />
    -Think that Justin Bieber is the definition of fag<br />
    -Don't judge<br />
    -Don't discriminate<br />
    -Don't give a shit about most of the stuff people think is "right"<br />
    -Am a christian (you didn't think i was at first didn't cha)<br />
    -Don't like rap, but "Love the way you Lie" is my favorite song<br />
    -Hate getting my picture taken<br />
    -Think i am ugly, but people say i'm not (it's just the sympathy)<br />
    -Have a medical condition (didn't think that either)<br />
    -Don't like being talked down to unless you have a pretty good damn reason<br />
    <br />
    And most importantly:
    <br />
    I-D-G-A-F!<br />
    <br />
    ~+~ Have a blessed day. ^-^ ~+~
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