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    I have another account! Don't worry about that, though.<br />
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    `I enjoy pretty much any music, and will watch almost anything that you stick in front of me. My favorite shows of all time, would have to be Dexter, and House. I do enjoy a little Colbert here and there.<br />
    `I don't live with my parents, because I don't have any:'D. No, but seriously, I live on my own- that is until my boyfriend comes back from Afghanistan -and it's pretty lonely, to say the least. Almost three months, and I already miss the bickering &constant put downs. I shouldn't say that, I have a dog, Molly, a goldfish, Fred, and a sugar glider, Kip. They are my life, and the black hole to where my money ends.<br />
    `I'm in college, hoping to go to medical school, hoping to become a Coroner. Why? Well, I always wanted to be a veterinarian, but didn't want to kill animals. So I figured I'd be a surgeon, but didn't want to kill people. Next best thing? Work on them while they're already dead!<br />
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