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  • Artist Info: My real name is Sarah, but you should call me either Foxx or Sparky.<br />
    I am bi.<br />
    My fursona is a mix of cat and fox.<br />
    I don't really have favorites, but I have tiny obsessions with songs/anime/movies that die out rather quickly.<br />
    My current song is Last Train Home by Lostprophets.<br />
    My current movie is Howl's Moving Castle.<br />
    My current anime is Wolf's Rain.<br />
    The browser I use is Firefox (3.6.8 ).<br />
    The OS I am using is Vista (dangit).<br />
    I hope to get Windows 7 soon.<br />
    I like all types of music, save for most rap.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    POINTS:<br />
    Prince: 15<br />
    Dark: 50<br />
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