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  • Artist Info: I'm me, I'm not changin for you.<br />
    I'm single and not really looking.<br />
    I love rap, hip-hop, and techno.<br />
    I love pandas!!!!! And cats.<br />
    I love candy and my fave is neads woot!<br />
    I love the colors black purple and blue.<br />
    I love adult swim and all their shows but tim and erick I just don't get it......<br />
    I like anime.<br />
    I love my family and close friends.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    I hate meanies although I am mean at times but I love me v_v<br />
    I hate cherries<br />
    I hate grapes<br />
    I hate blueberry and lemon icing Dx<br />
    I hate liars<br />
    I hate rice crispies O_O<br />
    I hate bees..<br />
    I hate ants<br />
    I know this is supposed to be the stuff I hate but I loooovve honey bees =w=<br />
    <br />
    well.....that covers it ;o wanna know anything else? Like mah name, age, or anything? PM me! <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    bye heart <br />
    This Be ashley's Stalker/Hacker? ABBEYY! .o. <br />
    I knew ashley As A Kindergartener Who Was In Love With A 1st Grader Who Was Gay? There Was A Lot Of Gay People At Our School And They Were All Guys! If You Want Another Gay Guy Go To MultiColored_Nakiya's Profile. [By The Way Not My Account] Annyyy Wayyyss If ashley Was Sad I Would Just Tell Her About The Time We Both Said Ham At The Same Time During Lunch! Yes. I Am Her Clone At Times In Hollywood! Yes. With Mustaches... Weellll I Look At Her Private Messages On Her Phone. Take Pictures Of Random THings Because My Phone Is Always Dead! MuHaHa. Ashley Is Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious! <br />
    Nakiya was Here&lt;3 Ahaha ;D! Shes Probley Gonna Look At This And Be Like "What The?...Nakiya?.." xD I am One Of Here Besties...i Hope..o: And I Usaully Do Random Things,For Example: Make Wierd Bird Noizes During Class xD And She Usaully Answers With Her ashley Voice..Oh-Nakiya...xD I Have A Gaia....I Dont Think Really Care But....Yeah..xDI Enjoy ashley And Hope We Stay Friends For A While ;D! If U Think U Have A Cooler Friend Then ashley Than UR A BIG TURD FACE LIER!!!! :C She Is Da-Bomb! If U Have Messy Hair U Would Think As A BestFriend To Say Ur Hair Looks Good But ashley Would Tell The Truth And Make U Happy At The Same Time By Saying.."Ur Hair Looks Like A Monkey Just Attacked U And Threw Poop All Over You And Then A Flying Llama Came And Spit All Over Ur Head.." ROFL xDDD Isnt ashley Amazing? haha! So I guess This Is The End? GoodBye ;D
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