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  • Artist Info: A few facts that may or may not be important or relevant to knowing me but you will learn after reading this anyways:<br />
    My real name is Madison (some people call me Squishy or Fishez or Scar or Scarlett or Maddy or M&M or whatever. Call me whatever you wanna call me, though. Anything that floats your boat.)<br />
    I'm 16<br />
    I'm a twin<br />
    I'm an aunt<br />
    I have general anxiety disorder<br />
    I have depression<br />
    I hate most people<br />
    most people hate me<br />
    I am introverted<br />
    I'm a veggie (Vegetarian)<br />
    books are the best thing ever<br />
    I like to make stuff <br />
    especially things out of duct tape (ex. dresses, bags, shoes)<br />
    I live in Alabama<br />
    I play clarinet<br />
    Tumblr is the best<br />
    Ellen Degeneres is the bomb.<br />
    I still watch Shane Dawson<br />
    I have three dogs (Moochi, Bo, and Chuckles)<br />
    I have two robo dwarfs (Merlin and Chunks)<br />
    I have a cat (Zoe)<br />
    I have two frogs and a fish (Fred, George, and Molly)<br />
    I have a neice and nephew<br />
    I have a boyfriend <br />
    my favorite color is blue.<br />
    I talk about myself to much.<br />
    I'm done with these facts.<br />
    Please stop reading now.<br />
    Thanks smile
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