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  • Artist Info: Heyyyy guys! I hope u doin' well..............<br />
    I listen to all kinds of music blaugh ....KPop, R&B, Classical, Rap, Rock and many many more but i just HATE Jazz, Country(depends) and Opera(depends)...................<br />
    I absolutly LOVE Visual Key.....i love drawing that style................ yes i can draw 3nodding I love drawing but sometimes i can be really lazy and not draw anything for MONTHS stare <br />
    RANDOM friend requests might not always be accepted rolleyes ...... just sometimes i do though so give it a try if you want xp ................<br />
    ........... I sell my art<br />
    CONDITIONS:<br />
    1.It has to be a gaia avatar(not necessarily yours or it could be a dream avatar)<br />
    2.You have to send me a picture that would indicate the pose you want me to draw you in. <br />
    3.I only draw individual characters (no couple) but if you have some kind of animal or companion with you i will draw that. <br />
    4. COST: normal<br />
    Headshot-------------&gt;15k<br />
    Bust--------------------&gt; 18k<br />
    Head to waist--------&gt; negotiable<br />
    I don't draw full body....I'm not really confident in that one<br />
    chibi<br />
    30k<br />
    WITH COLOR just add 2k to the original price <br />
    5.What personality does the avatar have, so i can draw the right expressions<br />
    6.If u want to buy a drawing just PM me or post a comment.<br />
    <br />
    Oh and I might also accept request asking to draw real people <br />
    Headshot------------&gt;30k<br />
    Bust-------------------&gt;32k<br />
    Head to waist-------&gt;negotiable<br />
    I don't draw full body....I'm not really confident in that one<br />
    NOTE: If u don't want to pay you can send me an item with the same price <br />
    After i accept your request please give me untill 3 days before the <br />
    the drawing is done..... THANK YOU
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