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  • Artist Info: I am not who every1seems me as wink because im just a lil too insane to be the innocent elementary girl i once once ;o hahaha!<br />
    i can no longer think straight anymore thanx to a friend on S4 LeaguexD<br />
    all who see, have fun with ur lives<br />
    ask me things if u want any more than this..<br />
    User Image<br />
    I just adopted a Chibi!<br />
    Name:Cielo<br />
    Likes:All that I like ;D<br />
    Doesn't Like: What I don't like<br />
    Owner:M0m3ntsL0st &gt;3<br />
    You can adopt one too!<br />
    Adopt me!
    <br />
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