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    Alrights c: Yo this is Naava[x Remember it cause you gunna be singing it tonight 8D Hah jk! Unusual name i knoes ;o well ima a ladie dur... and i like colours of tee rainbow and tis is where ima tells you stuff about me! c: Ah boringish me well if you say so but im a girlie and i know a lot about myself so this gunna be pretty long if you actually even read it .... c: Um my favorite candies is skittles and starburst M&M's c: snack i like pockyy so delish!!! its like tee best food everr! Im never quite lonley but i sometimes just dont fit in perfectly like tee rest i have some days where im like oh i feel like being lonely not really a attention whore and getting lightheaded kills brains cells ;o so dont pass out yet haha i think old couples that are still together are cute cause think of it they been together for how many years and to still feel like they love each other so much thats pretty long time that they had love each other and its pretty incredible how they lasted so long thats called true love baby c: online dating pfffttt! thats lame.. i dont really take those seriously... well my room needs to be cleaned and like always i need a nap c: i love naps! hhehe <3 i loveee to draw its what i do when im bored and i dont have no cell phone or anything .... prolly cause my parents are asian and cheap pfft! whatever my parents well they nnot really there for me they are in the next state working i would have moved to california by now if it werent for my grandmother.. c: idkk im in love with music but sometimes i get headaches and cant find thee right song to cure it well this is going on and on... lamps! uhh good byyee for noww ;o <3 c: oh and i love teacups hah theeres a lot of things i love... well cause there are so many things out there to love.. c: And i'ma pokemon geek c: Tahahahahh you actually read all that you shure have a lot of time to waste but so do i since i wrote all this - w -
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