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  • Artist Info: I'm a Japanese-American. I really wanna chocolate bar but I'm too lazy to drive to 7-11. Sigh redface I'll have to deal with it and just eat chips. 4laugh Story of my life.<br />
    My real name is... Creeper, why would you care? Call me Kit.<br />
    I like dandelions and kitties and man-eating plants and slaughtering my enemies and... Wait, why are you running away? xd <br />
    I actually look somewhat like my avi. My hair is darker and not as spiked up, but other than that... if someone who'd seen me in person looked at my avi, and was given a list of ten people, they could probably tell it was me.<br />
    My online friends are scattered about on my profile, feel free to PM me, and buy me crap. blaugh Other than that, there isn't much to say. Look at my interests to see the best bands in the world. I will refrain from speaking of them here, because then I'd never stop typing. K, go have a look around!
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