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  • Artist Info: Easy going rofl . A bit shy redface . Out going rofl . Laid back cool , just a little. Adventurous ninja . Easily depressed crying stressed . Easily annoyed scream . Understanding rolleyes . Trustworthy 3nodding . I like to say what's on my mind idea . I won't let anyone change me pirate . I try to not let people bring me down, but it usually works. Kinda crazy gonk . I sometimes get upset over the stupid things talk2hand . I like to cause trouble every once in a while and have fun twisted . Unique. Creative. I can make people smile when they're down heart . Honest. Patient (Umm A bit 4laugh ). Expressive and assertive. Antisocial talk2hand . Clueless question exclaim . I enjoy teasing stubborn people wink . Stubborn people are amazing emo .<br />
    And apparently i talk ALOT xp xoxo heart .
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