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  • Artist Info: real name: Nasser<br />
    age:17<br />
    birthday: august 9<br />
    from: middle east in muscat/oman<br />
    hobby: drawing, making comics, pretending to be a ninja by surprising someone<br />
    personality: I can be boring sometimes, caring for others. <br />
    <br />
    I like others being good to me and to others, sometimes I like to make jokes ,I really like peoples being happy ^^ , I like joining with people sometimes<br />
    I don't know if anyone would like me , you know as me being a boyfriend , or being dated, but lets stay as buddies if you'd like XD .<br />
    <br />
    don't leave biggrin ... smile please sad ... crying now I'm lonely gonk , meow? cat_3nodding WOW KITTY! ow btw I love kittens , puppy , some thing cute, or awesome like a,, a GHOST CUB WOLF PET ! HAHAAA~ .
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