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    <br />
    4laugh <br />
    heart Hi There! heart <br />
    My name is Kassia, and I live in England, North East to be specific.<br />
    I recently just came back to GaiaOnline, after 3 years of absence, and I'm glad i did! However, so much has changed now, even my favourite game zOMG! is gone, apparently due to hackers... &gt;.&gt; ya meanies.<br />
    I'm 15, and have a passion for art, of which I'll be happy to use when creating a commission, if I were to get one.<br />
    I really love classical music, and my favourite song would probably be Clair de Lune.<br />
    <br />
    heart Now to the more interesting things heart <br />
    I'm a cosplayer, and attend quite a few cons across the year. I'm currently planning to attend London Comicon in 2017 (hopefully!!)<br />
    I watch a hell of a lot of anime, and I'd love to talk about it, so just hit me up!<br />
    I'm a biiiiiiig big big yaoi fan &gt;U&gt; And heavily ship Ereri/Riren.<br />
    <br />
    heart Thanks for reading, Enjoy my page! heart <br />
    <br />
    (PS. 4laugh is probably my favourite emoji omg it's so beautiful.)
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