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  • Artist Info: Hello Everyone! my name is Sugarpuff17.<br />
    I'm not very good at telling a bit about myself but I will give it a whirl.<br />
    So I am a girl! duh. and I really love nature. It is my second home. And because of this I have decided that Wicca is the the path for me. Please don't bash my religion, it is what I believe. Also I'm a huge animal lover. Any type of animal is my favorite. (I'm working onliking spiders though.)<br />
    I really like to make art, digital and traditional. It is one of my favorite things to do. Also I like to take long walks outside and read. smile <br />
    Please PM me, as I love to make new friends and roleplay. In fact if you have a Roleplay Idea then I am bound to want to try it. So yeah. Have a great day, and Blessed Be.
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