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    I'm known to be one of gaia's roleplay addicts. My main genre is fantasy though I do not mind trying other roleplays time to time. Just Google It is one of my roleplay partners and an awesome mate. If you ever need to have a good time I would suggest you roleplay with him. If ever need awesome art then go to him. xD <br />
    There is another guy known as Darknightm4re who is fun to be with. Very caring and enjoys to roleplay time to time. If you ever feel upset or just need a friendly chat then you know who to turn too. Well actually all my gaia mates have been there when I needed a small chat like Foxy and Esanx. He can be quite deep when it comes to love but can also be very exciting. If you ever need to have a good time in towns then turn to this guy! Foxy is quite playful and is another good guy to chat with also to RP with.<br />
    <br />
    Anyway i'm not good at talking about myself so if you want to know more about me then just feel free to chat or roleplay. Miss you Ex-Gaians: TheShiningVenus & Issun.
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