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  • Artist Info: Hey guys! My name is emily :3 and... here are my favorites ^.^' haha.<br />
    Colors:Green Blue Black<br />
    Food: strawberrys heart <br />
    Music: Rock usualy, the Beetles, Linkin park three days grace, greenday things like that :3<br />
    Books:The Graveyard Book<br />
    Animals: Tigers, Dogs razz <br />
    Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean<br />
    Pet peeve: When people pic there scabs... :S<br />
    Shows: My Strange Addictions, that 70s show.<br />
    Single.<br />
    And some about my family:<br />
    I have 4 brothers ages 15, 16, 2 , 23<br />
    I have a mom and a dad, divorced when i was 6.<br />
    thats pretty much it :} yea you can talk to me in chat if you want :3 or pm me whatever works smile <br />
    <br />
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