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  • Artist Info: <br />
    <br />
    W E L C O M E <br />
    <br />
    I am a super otaku/furry/nerd-type <br />
    with a love for buggery, <br />
    joking around, drawing, <br />
    reading, writing and cats. <br />
    I am a girl. <br />
    I am a teenager. <br />
    i have a deviantart. <br />
    It is called Hikariyukihime. <br />
    I love Tokyo Mew Mew. <br />
    Kuroshitsuji. <br />
    Wolfs Rain. <br />
    Malice Mizer. <br />
    Pokemon. <br />
    Escaflowne. <br />
    ON/OFF. <br />
    YUI. <br />
    Duran Duran. <br />
    Mother Mother. <br />
    CutCopy. <br />
    Metal Gear Solid.<br />
    Bleach. <br />
    Lord of the Rings. <br />
    Full Metal Alchemist.<br />
    Legend of Zelda.<br />
    Harvest Moon.<br />
    Durarara!<br />
    Okami.<br />
    Chobits.<br />
    Tsubasa.<br />
    Cardcaptor Sakura.<br />
    Lolita fashion.<br />
    Steampunk.<br />
    COSPLAY.<br />
    Cute things.<br />
    Cake and other sweets.<br />
    Chocolate.<br />
    Tea.<br />
    Warm milk.<br />
    Hot chocolate.<br />
    Instant ramen (fav is Ichiban, that stuff is AMAZING).<br />
    Pocky.<br />
    frilly things.<br />
    Anything from Studio Ghibli.<br />
    Lion King.<br />
    Death Note.<br />
    Yoko Kanno.<br />
    Kingdom Hearts.<br />
    Final Fantasy.<br />
    Dinosaurs.<br />
    Kirby.<br />
    Paper Mario.<br />
    Animal Crossing.<br />
    Cave Story.<br />
    Team Fortress 2.<br />
    Memoirs of a Geisha.<br />
    Faeries.<br />
    Celtic fairytales.<br />
    Japanese fairytales.<br />
    Shiny things.<br />
    Lady Gaga.<br />
    Ouran Highschool Host Club.<br />
    Hipsters (SHH!! It's a seeeeeecret)<br />
    really nerdy things.<br />
    Harry Potter. <br />
    Inuyasha. <br />
    Being a furry. <br />
    Cosplaying. <br />
    Monty Python. <br />
    Theatre. <br />
    Japan (the band and the country) <br />
    Thompson Twins. <br />
    Pheonix. <br />
    David Bowie. <br />
    Wolves.<br />
    <br />
    if you ever want to get to know me better, feel free to gimme a PM or drop a comment.<br />
    <br />
    CURRENT MOOD// whee <br />
    EATING// Brownies and earl grey tea<br />
    LISTENING TO// "Sora" by Yoko Kanno and Shanti Snyder<br />
    WATCHING// Tokyo Mew Mew<br />
    PLAYING// LOZ: Twilight Princess and Harvest Moon: Animal Parade<br />
    UPDATE ON MY LIFE// Sunday-February-27-2011 <br />
    <br />
    Just got back from Tsukino Con '11! I went as a gothic lolita girl, got a ton of pictures and a lot of stuff including three volumes of the MGS: Sons of Liberty comic, a cake necklace, an adorable squishie thing, a clock of Sakura from Tsubasa, a Greiver (ff cool pendant, a lacy hair ornament as well as two professional photographers take pictures of me. It was really exciting and fun with my friends. DaftAnimal5 was there too with her fursuit, but she couldn't wear it today because she kept running into things. LOL <br />
    <br />
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