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  • Artist Info: ahh i never know what to wright in thease things ... but hey my name is ariane biggrin i am 16 years old and am currently dating the boy of my dreams biggrin heart heart heart i am extreemly open to RPing and have lots of fun doing so biggrin 4laugh i will add a couple real life pictures of me on here cuz im not afraid of people seeing my face so if you have anything you wish to say to me or just if you wanna say hi leave me a PM or a comment those are always nice to recive biggrin oh and i do avi art havnt done alot yet but i can give you a link to my deviantart account to see if anyone is seriously interested in some artwork from me biggrin i will post prices in a public journal at a later date.<br />
    <br />
    for everyone who bothers to read this THANK YOU
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