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    Name - Flaky<br />
    Gender - Female<br />
    Color - Red<br />
    Age - 11<br />
    Race/Species - Porcupine<br />
    Likes - Baseball, Being With Friends, Camping, Cooking, Corn Dogs, Donuts, Football, Going To The Movies, Ice cream, Playing Cards, Soccer, Strawberries, & Sweets.<br />
    Dislikes - Birds, Darkness, Dead things, Fliqpy, Flying, Heights, <br />
    Rats, Roller Coasters, & Sharks.<br />
    <br />
    Hello! I'm Flaky & It's very nice to meet ya! Welcome to Happy Tree Town! It's pretty peaceful here that is until it becomes complete chaos. Eh heh heh...Oh, I live here along with some of my dearest friends! <br />
    What else is there to say? I like sports & lots of sweets & ice cream! Like, who doesn't? Hey~! If you one day decide to come over to my place I can bake you the sweetest cake ever! Anti-peanut, of course!<br />
    It was nice getting to talkin' to you but I gotta Go! It's getting pretty dark!<br />
    * Hugs and runs away *<br />
    I'll talk to you later! Okay?
    <br />
    <br />
    * Click Pic For Main *<br />
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    Out Of Control:<br />
    This entire account/whatever is all about Flaky. The only thing I do is respond & dress her up. { If you wanna talk to me, just ask?? } I do not ship Flaky x *anyone*. I consider her & everyone just really good friends. { Best friends with only this Flippy because he's my buddy. }<br />
    What else is there to say? Well, I don't believe in the "flipped out Flaky thing". I do agree that it'll be kinda cool to see a little porcupine running around chainsawing people in half... But I think all the flipping out should be left to Flippy. This Flaky is no more than 11 years old. She doesn't shutter much. { Only when she's shy, embarrassed, scared, or lying. } I make her more caring & childish than paranoid & a cry-baby. But sadly she has a pretty vague memory. Plus, she has a bit of a sweet tooth but she's also picky eater.<br />
    I guess that's all I have to say. That bloody snowball will do the rest.
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