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  • Artist Info: In was born in Akron, Ohio and spend half on mi life in Cleveland,Ohio im from the westside and im a crip. I rap and in real life i have a beauitful girl named Dominay and i hopping to marry her. I'm onlt 11 years old but i got the spearit of a 25 year old man.<br />
    <br />
    Last year i was shot at and got hit in the leg but mi my and brother never knew. I was walking to a friends house where mi mom was and some one drove by and asked me y do i have on so much blue so i told him i was crip and he pulled out a gun so i ran and he chased me.about 5 minutes later i thought i lost him but he came arround the corn and shot me in the leg. i tried to walk it of but it hurt to bad. when i got to mi mom i when upstairs and put some achohol on it. three mounths later the scare went away. i have been charged with braking and entering 2 times and asult to the elderly 1 time.<br />
    <br />
    even though you read this i still home we can he friends
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