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  • Artist Info: I can't figure what to put here, so I'll just tell you a story instead. Once apon a time there lived a guitar named Vladimir, Vladimir was sad because he didn't have a 6th string. One day, he was so down in the dumps about the 6th string, that he cried all his pain off. He sat on a sidewalk for 3 hours before anything happened. Finally a Michrophone named Gustav started talking to him. Vladimir and Gustav where instant buddies. Gustav took Vladimir to hang with his friends, a drumset named Dmitri, and another guitar named Ambrosius. Ambrosius and Vladimir talked for a really long time, until Abrosius finally said "I have an extra string that you can have." Vladimir cried some more nad accepted the deal. Ambrosius gave Vladimir a string and Vladimir was compleat. The four friends made a band and called it 6th String.<br />
    <br />
    Five years later they were walking across the street, running from fans, and got his by a bus. They all died, and Vladimir's 6th string snapped and broke.<br />
    <br />
    RIP 6th String
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