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  • Artist Info: hi im jade uzumaki but u can call me akane,jade,saphire,or avaline.i loooove manga and anime.i loooove wolves .im a wolf person and a cat person.hehehehe.im a nine tails host.i love my boo brandon san who i know as zero and pein and of course naruto and hidan.i hope to become a famous singer or writer.i love poetry and i looooooove music.also imma ninja. ninja heart redface biggrin also im very shy and i know to much for my own good i just hope i can make freinds and hope i can find love and be happy at last.<br />
    poem:<br />
    li love you zero san<br />
    i hope you love me<br />
    i need love<br />
    i want love<br />
    i hope for love zero san<br />
    heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
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