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  • Artist Info: Sup world!! So my name is ErinMisrahe not my real name :/ XD) So this is a very randome profile and well its cause I'm a very random person XD. If you wish to find out a bunch of random crap about me read on! :3 BTW The kitty who is my profile picture is my Cat Mr.Eko who is part dog (not literally) and likes snow/water!<br />
    Quotes i think are awesome-<br />
    If you're feeling blue, paint yourself a different color (I don't know who shrug.)<br />
    Getting married means you have to share your toys (Some kid..)<br />
    When life gives you lemons use them to blind the eyes of your enemies (I don't know who shrug)<br />
    If you stick your tongue out a me I'll bite it!! (quote invented by my friend Ryan)<br />
    Come to the dark side, WE have COOKIES!!... scratch that we have Draco Malfoy ( I don't know... to many sources O.o)<br />
    OMG!! there's a bear in my cereal!! (I don't know... to many sources O.o)<br />
    Oh, the shame of the bear who fears the water, no wonder we are shunned by our fellow bear, woe is us! (from Balto!! i love muck and luck!)<br />
    Luck, WE WERE SWIMMING! (Balto luv the bears!)<br />
    I see a little silhouette of a man- scatamoosh scatamoosh- will you do the Fandango? (Bohememian Rapsody by Queen!!)<br />
    And i don't wanna be the president of America, cause all i want to do is BICYCLE BICYCLE... (Bicycle race by Queen!!)<br />
    You're so emo your hair cuts itself (Too many resources! O.o)<br />
    Who do you want us to kill your friend or your lover? Your choice. (Family of Blood- Doctor Who) ((BEST EVIL VILLIAN LINE EVER!!))<br />
    Doby didn't mean to kill. Doby only meant to maim or seriously injure! (Doby- RIP sad )<br />
    Nigahiga ROCKS! they are such NERDS!! rotfl<br />
    Durkenshcnauf is my word meaning hello<br />
    I like llamas!!<br />
    I got a new kitty!! His name is Mr. Eko, like from lost, and he is a NINJA black cat!!<br />
    Owl city ROCKS!!<br />
    I HATE Justin Beeber, Beiber, bieber, blubber, i don't care he can't sing and he's ugly and he's just plain odd<br />
    I LOVE books (especially the Frog Princess and Warriors and Seekers series and East and the books of Pellinor and Goose girl, Enna Burning, and River secrets, and the Lightning Theif series and the Song of the Sparrow and if I continue them all that will be my whole profile)<br />
    I like to eat cheesecake cause it is my favorite food<br />
    Queen is the best most random band ever known to man.<br />
    1 of my cats is names after a star trek character (Keiko)(Why?u ask. 5 words 4 u. MY MOM IS A NERD)<br />
    Also I often use words like ninja, dude, awesometastical and other such words often.<br />
    I am very random<br />
    I like to sing loudly off key in public and dance around to the song playing on the radio in the grocery store.<br />
    I like to draw<br />
    And and and AND I like weird Al if you haven't heard of him search what I bought on ebay!!<br />
    Search also bulbous bouffant!!(this is not a weird al song)<br />
    And how to be ninja!! (neither is this)<br />
    And Billy Goat the prank call 1 and 2!! (LOVE these, not a weird al song either)<br />
    And the llama song<br />
    And bon que que at burger king<br />
    And can i have your number<br />
    And ilikegrass1 KANG bloopers<br />
    And Legaci (the acapella group! They sing with Justin Beiber/Blubber/Whatever but they're still awesome! :3)<br />
    And Lehi high schools SCARLET PIMPERNEL<br />
    And Phantom of the Opera (the new one cause the old one scares me)<br />
    And Nick Pittera because he can sing like INSANSE ocatves- he can sing higher than I can!<br />
    THE NEW LIGHTNING THIEF MOVIE IS JACKED UP!! i mean they left out Clarisse and ares and stupid Hades isn't supposed to want the war he wants some invisible cloaky thingy and yes Luke does steal the lightning bolt but they're not supposed to find that out until the very end when Luke gets backbiter and PLUS THERE IS NO THALIA'S TREE AND THALIA'S TREE IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE NEXT BOOK!! so i am sure the next book will be jank too.<br />
    oranges taste good and<br />
    I'm special cause i can roll down a hill then crash into a pole, when the pole is on the opposite side of the hill i am on<br />
    I have major ADHD (attention deficit hyper deficiency)<br />
    i read books ALL DAY LONG so I'm not on very often.<br />
    I read books ALL DAY LONG so i always have books recommendations<br />
    I love fiction press!<br />
    In NEW MOON Edward really NEEDS TO PULL UP HIS PANTS or put on a shirt, both would be preferable. I mean seriously? Robert Patterson as Edward can NOT pull that off. He looks better as Sedric in Harry Potter. Also Bellas a complete IDIOT. Read my Twilight is STUPID to see what I think about the three main characters. <br />
    Twilight is STUPID <br />
    For one thing Edward- a sparkling vampire, really? I mean seriously, my back story for Edward is that he is a sparkly fairy that started drinking blood and went all crazy so then the fairies sent him away cause he was insane. Then there is Jacob, I mean sure everybody loves a good werewolf but, seriously? He's just an IDIOT for falling for Bella, they both are. Then last but not least, Bella. Bella is a depressed suicidal self-insert Mary Sue girl who constantly plays poor me. These kinds of people seriously annoy me. For another thing Bella is completly OBSSESED with Edward, which is never good, seriously! Just because he left you don't just go jumping off a cliff! STUPID IDIOT! Also just the way that Stephanie Meyer wrote it was HORRIBLE, it had absouloutly NO literary merit whatsoever! I don't even see how that idiotic thing got published!<br />
    So that's the way I think of Twilight.<br />
    Also if you're a fellow Twilight hater, go onto youtube and look up Alex reads Twilight, seriously it's HILARIOUS! For chapter 16 you'll have to go to charlileissocoollike and get Charlie reads Twilight (you'll find out why.)<br />
    I saw Last Airbender yesterday, and it is NOTHING like the cartoon! the uncle is not even FAT or tea obsessed!! but, it was HILARIOUSLY EASY to make fun of!! ... AWOOOOOOO!! rotfl!<br />
    I LOVE THE PRINCE OF PERSIA!! AND LETTERS TO JULIETTE! BEST MOVIES EVA! well.. them bride and prejudice and Newsies.<br />
    If you ever meet me yes, i am very very very very weird and a dork... AND I'M PROUD OF IT!! cause I'm coolio like that!!<br />
    <br />
    I have something called Syclic Vomiting Syndrome where if I eat too much dairy, choclate, eggs, or MSG I get sick. This tends to happen once every one or two weeks.<br />
    I have (the following are NOT real diseases, while one is... guess which one!) I'm ORD OCD OLD ODD OBD OFPD and OSD. Obessesive Rainbow Disorder (cause I do all of my assignments for school in Staedtler rainbow colored markers), Obssesive Compulsive Disorder (with my rainbow markers biggrin ), Obssesive Laughing Disorder (I laugh to much, what else can I say.), Obbssesive Decorating Disorder (I tend to doodle on my papers, binder, etc.), Obbssesive Book Disorder ( beacause I read a one book and half per day, my books usually being 250-ish pages each.), Obbssesive Fiction Press Disorder (As of Febuary 1st, 2011, I have 804 stories on my alerts and it's growing by at least 12-15 every day...Ya... I read way too fast and way too much.), and Obbssesive Socks Disorder (cause I own over 20 pairs of colorful knee high socks.)<br />
    Well, since this is a profile I GUESS I'll have to tell you, I'm a girl and am currently thirteen years old! biggrin <br />
    <br />
    The first words that come into my head in almost any situation:<br />
    Unicorn<br />
    Potatoe<br />
    Orange<br />
    Yahzee<br />
    Creeper<br />
    Smexy<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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