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    Bienvenidos<br />
    Im from Mexico. Im 14 years old and Im new here <br />
    (sorry if I have mistakes in some words HEHE)<br />
    my favorites animes: kimi ni todoke,lovely complex,inuyasha,full metal alchemist,toradora and elfen lied.<br />
    I love drawing,maybe one day i will put one of my drawings,and I love read books about mistery and fantasy smile now im reading one called Graceling, I love go to the beach, if I could I would live there the rest of my live! but I cant sad OH I like writting too, actually Im inventing a story and I hope it become to a book...but its just a dream xd I cant live without music,its the reason of my live whee <br />
    ...I cant think nothing else... sweatdrop ....thats it<br />
    thanks for reading 4laugh
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