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    Hi my name is Val and i am anime and manga lover. haha that sounds like im admiting something to a support group! blaugh lol maybe i am because when i see a computer i think anime, anime, anime, manga, gaia, music. eek <br />
    Annyway, i finally decided what to do with my life. xd i got inspired watching final fantasy advent children to be a graphic designer. I want to make animated movies and or video games because i am an obsessive anime drawer. I'm still kinda rusty though. sweatdrop I have a lot to learn and i'm willing to do anything for this dream. It makes me happy because i treasure my drawings and what better to incorporate my love of music, anime, and graphics than being a graphic artist? If that doesn't work out, I either want to be an author or a mangaka (manga artist). 4laugh I am currently saving my meager five dollar allowance for graphic design software to practice. Oh! did i forget to mention i'm still a high school student! i think it would be best to start out in an animation class next year so that way my art skills will be sharpened for when i join. whee <br />
    Haha now that cross country season is over i don't have to worry about the pressure of a coach constantly on my back. It was fun and all but the drama some girls would bring was stupid and unnecessary. Some of them would even get mad if they thought someone else looked at them funny!!!! I swear i'm glad i had my friends to keep me sane. crying <br />
    Anyway! I'm a younger twin sister who is obsessed with the band Breaking Benjamin (if uve noticed the profiles theme). lol Its better than the modern crap that's been playing on the radio (which i want to destroy right now). It's deep and brings out feelings i've never thought i had. This is why i am passionate about music (though i can't play any of my own), to find the songs and tunes that influence emotion deeper than what Lady Gaga or Usher have been singing and or rapping about. sweatdrop People may hate me for that but i dont care!!!! 3nodding
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