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  • Artist Info: My current obsessions:<br />
    i have none no muse no nothing <br />
    <br />
    青の騎士....青の騎士<br />
    <br />
    name: Andrew<br />
    age:ask me<br />
    height: 5'10<br />
    favorite color: blue<br />
    status: in a relationship (just have to keep fighting for it)<br />
    sexuality: straight<br />
    cell phone:yes<br />
    text addict: yes<br />
    photogenic:yes<br />
    favorite genre:rap, punk, r&b, metal, heavy metal, pop, and international music<br />
    gender:male<br />
    eye color: brown appears hazel in light<br />
    favorite gaming brand: microsoft<br />
    favorite artists:don't feel like listing<br />
    shoe size: 13<br />
    favorite fruit: i like em all<br />
    favorite veg: mushrooms<br />
    favorite foods: v8 (though its a drink)<br />
    biggest accomplishment: building my body to be stronger than what it once was
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