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    "a velvet rose; precious and fragile."<br />
    <br />
    michelle [noun];<br />
    female. seventeen-years-old. a misguided teenage vampire poet. believing in dreams. shooting stars. moonlight skies. relaxing beaches. writer of poetry. sunlight rays. trapped inside her own little world. comfort in her deepest silence. wanting private privacy. rocking to the beat. flows with the music. envies the waves of the ocean. lightning thunderstorms. candy sweets. sounds of nature. flowers from the heaven sky. but after everything, i am still just me. <br />
    <br />
    ● [colors]; blazing blue. velvet red. pitch black. pure white. shiny silver.<br />
    ● [hobbies]; writing poetry. drawing manga. coloring pictures. reading books. learning new things. meeting new people. being bored. eating. sleeping.<br />
    ● [flower]; poinsetta. a blue/red rose. orchids.<br />
    ● [show]; the secret life of an american teenager. pretty little liars. hellcats. dragon tales. victorious.<br />
    ● [movies]; a walk to remember. twilight movies. underworld. blood: the last vampire. the proposal. titanic. romeo and juilet. pearl harbor. the old disney classics. enchanted.<br />
    ● [games; dead or alive. fatal frame. halo. sims.<br />
    <br />
    want to know more about me? just ask and comment (: i won't bite...
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