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    Who are you? ....Ok, then I'll tell you who I am biggrin I am me. Like it or not, Its true. When you're me, living in my small town isn't easy.... But I find ways to get around the bad stuff(: Like my friends for example, they always stand y me no matter what life throws at me- I love you guys! And don't forget my boyfriend! He's the best thing that ever happened to me&lt;3 If I were to describe my self right now, I would say: I have long (and very layered) black hair, I am Caucasian, I have blue-green eyes and my style is all over the place! Usually, I can be found wearing a band tee, some black skinies, stud belts and chains. But other times, its tutus and tiaras! I am a maaajor CoCo Kitty fan! &gt;w&lt; I don't have anger issues, but if you piss me off good enough, I will kick your sorry a$$ o_o<br />
    Not much more to say.... Peace out girl scout! ^.^ (And while your gone, get me some Thin Mints &gt;:])
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